Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that I am to inform you of Ginsburg's death. She died 9/18/2020. We have just lost one of the best and most heroic supreme court justices. She is beloved by all and we will miss her dearly. Let us all press F to pay our respects to this wonderful woman. She was an advocate for women's rights and gender equality. It it due to her determination we have the laws we do today. Thank you.
 Many Americans are wondering just what will happen now. You may be aware that Trump has the opportunity to replace her seat with someone new and he intends to do so quickly. The already stated preference is a woman named Amy Coney Barret. To give you a feel of who she is and her political stances: this woman is from the Court of Appeals 7th Circuit. She clerked under Antonin Scalia and graduated from the University of Notre Dame. She is heavily supported by religious conservatives. Barret is known to take the most harsh interpretations of law, for example: …

Michael Cohen Speaks Out!

This is a video made by American Bridge 21st Century. It is about Donald Trump. Michael Cohen explains how Donald Trump does not care and sweeps people in with promising lies. He was a supporter of Trump and has since regretted doing so. If you need anymore evidence that Trump is a danger to the country please watch this and share it. 

DNC Review

I watched all of the DNC (Democratic National Convention). I loved it! This was a well put together, very organized event. There were a few technical difficulties, but after day 1, they were far and few between. The speakers were well picked. We had a representative for all ages, race, gender, color, culture, ect... Obama did a fantastic job and was my favorite. He spoke eloquently, calmingly, and had a few jabs at Trump that I appreciated. I know that Kamala and Michelle had amazing and such emotional speeches. I cried a bit watching them. Joe spoke for a full twenty five minutes that captured audiences all around the United States and probably the globe. There were many topics discussed and each was given it's time to be discussed. From the climate crises to the economy to social issues each had a competent speaker. The video that was shown matched the topic and there was beautiful music! Day 3 had a stunning piece came right before the 'Stand By Me' cover. I thought Bi…

Political Cartoon Inspires

This is a really cute cartoon of Mrs. Harris being on the TV. There's a group of little girls looking at her and I can just imagine them thinking, "That could be me someday!" 

Kamala Harris Confirmed

Joe Biden announced on August 11th of the year of 2020 that Harris was his running mate. She is the first woman of color on a major party ticket and let us celebrate how far we have come as a nation! Let's make sure to go out and vote for them in the November election!

Republican Voters Against Trump: New AD

This is superb video! Republican Vats Against Trump. These men share why they want Biden! Share this video with others as just another piece of persuasion against Trump. Enjoy!
Republican Vets Against Trump