Fun Little Dittie

 This is hilarious! Just watch!

Biden Harris For The Win

 Check out this bad boy of a picture. Some beautiful commentary of recent events. I mean, Trump seriously messed up in this latest gathering! 

Great Lesson: VOTE

 Once upon a time, the Lincoln Project crafted a moving picture show about Trump. This picture show exemplified all of the current happenings in the USA. One town crier watched this performance and decided to announce it to their town. They thought it was a nice important lesson told in an easy and entertaining way.  VOTE. November 3, 2020.


 Early voting has started! Every put on your masks and sunglasses. This is the time to come out do your duty as a citizen! The Van Zandt county democrats website has all of the information on how to vote and where! Please look and check where your voting locations are! There are sample ballots! Please vote for each democrat on the ticket! There will not be a straight ticket option so each candidate is listed on the site!  For any questions, please email the link provided on this blog and you will be replied to! We're a friendly bunch, so feel free to contact us.


 No comment.

Meeting the 13th

 Just a reminder there is a zoom meeting October 13th! 7 pm central time as always! As always email us for the meeting ID. See you there! Art by: Masashi Kishimoto

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that I am to inform you of Ginsburg's death. She died 9/18/2020. We have just lost one of the best and most heroic supreme court justices. She is beloved by all and we will miss her dearly. Let us all press F to pay our respects to this wonderful woman. She was an advocate for women's rights and gender equality. It it due to her determination we have the laws we do today. Thank you.  Many Americans are wondering just what will happen now. You may be aware that Trump has the opportunity to replace her seat with someone new and he intends to do so quickly. The already stated preference is a woman named Amy Coney Barret. To give you a feel of who she is and her political stances: this woman is from the Court of Appeals 7th Circuit. She clerked under Antonin Scalia and graduated from the University of Notre Dame. She is heavily supported by religious conservatives. Barret is known to take the most harsh interpretations of law, for example: